Arbeidskorting berekenen alstublieft

Hi, Please let me know how much would be arbeidskorting for me.
I worked for 2 employers. With one employer I had loonheffings signed. With this loonheffings signed employer I had earned 40,477 euro. Arbeidskorting will be calculated only on the basis of loonheffings based employer? or 2nd job earning 49,463 should also be added on top of this earning to calculate the arbeidskorting?

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Mark: Hi Wik,

You get arbeidskorting for a whole year of income. In this case i think you mean for 2023.

So basicly employer 1 has give you already € 4.871,- discount arbeidskorting on your taxes, based on €40.477 income. When you have more income, the less arbeidskorting you will get. Your total income is € 89.940,-. Based on this total income you should get €2.279 of arbeidskorting in total.

You received too much arbeidskorting and the Belastingdienst will charge this back. In my opinion you got € (4871-2279) €2592,- too much. With a taxe rate of 49,50% (above income €70k). You should pay back €1283,- net income.

Also the algemene heffingskorting is the same thing. If you received this, you should pay it back. See

I hope this will help you understanding!

Wik: Hi Mark,
Thank you for the calculations. I just saw on belastingsaangifta account. I earned small amount from transitional salary and research too so in total it became almost € 94,988 instead of € 89,940. Also employer 1 only gave € 2054 arbeidskorting according to belastingsaangifta data. Belasting department would calculate it again or they will just accept the 1 employer's arbeidskorting? ( € 2054 given instead of € 4871). Thanks in advance:)

Mark: According this tool and € 94.988 of salary you get € 1.950,- of arbeidskorting. When you received already €2054,- you should pay back €104, net income pay back is €51,->

When both employers and both your incomess are mentioned in your belastingdienst aangifte account. You may expect everything is well calculated by the Belastingdienst. They will not calculate it again when the information from your employers is correct in your account.

Wik: Thanks Mark:)...But the issue is, once I went through belastingsaangifta account according to these details and numbers, they automatically calculated that I should pay back 3300 euro to them. Which is strange. Thats why I wanted to discuss here. Arbeidskorting is mentioned in belastings preuploaded details of 2054 and 55 from other worker. But then how come I need to pay 3300 more :(

Mark: Hi Wik,

It is strange and i think its not the arbeidskorting alone but he best thing you can do is call the Belasting support for answers. This is the number 0800-0543 and it is free of charge,